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Educational Benefits
Community Benefits
Economic Benefits
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The Blue Prints

●The development of the Science and Community Center will bring in additional tourism dollars to the Wheeling area.  

●Benefit the Cabela’s project and Oglebay by creating additional activities to attract tourist to Wheeling.  

●Positive economic impact as a result of creation of approximately 50-70 jobs throughout the complex with hourly wage earnings from $8.50-$23.00.  

●The Science and Community center will generate an average of $2,292,200 in annual taxable earnings from its employees.  

●Using a conservative 75% of the earnings staying in the Wheeling area will create an additional $15,000,000 in the local economy annually.  

●The project will stimulate the local economy by increasing housing sales as a result of the housing needs of the degreed technicians needed to operate the labs. 

●The City of Wheeling will benefit from the increased property values that will result in the development of Clay School and its surrounding properties. 

●From an economic standpoint, it will be less expensive more beneficial to the community to rehabilitate Clay school compared to the higher cost of razing the property and clearing the debris.

Long term maintenance and operations for the building will be    sustained through revenue generated from:
Athletic programs.
Science Center field trips.
3.   Rent of the kitchen and dining room space to the Upper Ohio Valley Dairy Queen Group.
Grants to operate the working labs in the building.
Existing outreach program ISP has conducted for the past 17 years.
Grants to run after school programs.
7.   Income from family and youth activities such as roller-skating.
8.   Income from grants for various programs such as teacher training, childhood obesity, STEM education, workforce retraining, etc.