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The Blue Prints

When completed, the building will consist of approximately 130,000 total square feet.   ISP will divide the structure into many different spaces with various uses such as:  

     ► 65,435 total square feet of program space.  
     ► 15,236 square feet of laboratory space.  
     ► 7,778 square feet of meeting space.  
     ► 2,385 square foot observatory that will be opened to the community for star gazing at night.  
     ► 10,023 square feet of after school program space.  
     ► 6,480 square feet of open space for special events or receptions.    

The building will be rehabilitated in 3 phases. 

· Phase I will occupy 19,556 square feet and be the location of ISP’s community and after school programs. Phase I involves rehabilitation of the basement and first floor.

· Phase II will occupy 25,145 square feet and represent the majority of ISP’s exhibit space.  Phase II involves the rehabilitation of the second and third floors.

· Phase III will occupy 20,734 square feet and create a unique covered space for special events.  Phase III involves the construction of a fourth floor and walking surface covered by a glass dome.